Sue’s Journey

Sue’s Journey
SUE's Journey
SUE’s Journey

“If you’re looking into hiring a personal trainer, then look no further.

I can fully recommend Rachael and I can guarantee you won’t regret choosing her to guide and train you throughout your fitness journey.

Rachael listens to your fitness goals and gives you all the tools you need to help you reach those goals. She devises a nutrition and training plan specifically tailored to you. You will be provided all the support either in person or via text. She makes your time in the gym fun and interesting and will constantly tweak and adapt programmes to suit your needs. Rachael is always happy to answer questions about fitness and nutrition no matter how silly it sounds (she’s had plenty off me!).

I chose Rachael as my trainer as she is an inspiration, her own fitness journey is phenomenal and she is able to use that knowledge to help you in your own journey. She is never too busy to help and inspire myself and her other clients.

My own personal goal was to lose a bit of weight, body fat and to build muscle and after just a couple of months I’m well on my way to doing just that and with the self confidence you gain, nutrition advice and of course great training with Rachael you will achieve your goals too.” Sue