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I understand that whatever your goals may be; weight loss, toning up, or simply to just start feeling better about yourself, it can be very daunting and challenging starting something new.  As a mum of 4, I understand how busy and stressful every day life can be and I can help you how to overcome these challenges and highlight the benefits of making time for yourself.  

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Rachael provides personal training services in Loughborough

1-2-1 Personal Training

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Your Success Is My Goal

I have taken my very own journey to get to where I am today and now I am here to help you set and achieve your goals too. I have taken those first steps into the gym and conquered those fears gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience. I can help you learn and adapt to a new healthier lifestyle through good nutrition and training plans which will help keep you motivated and on track!

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My Work Speaks For Itself

Let's hear from the lovely people I've trained.

Rachael inspired me with what she had achieved and I decided that I wanted a bit of that too! Rachael has created routines that are tailored to my needs and she is always there to ask advice or just for a friendly chat.
I can’t tell you the difference it’s made to me mentally and physically and how worth every penny it’s been. It wasn’t about weight loss, It was about learning about food and nutrition so I had some energy, I was tired of being so tired all the time.
Choosing to have a personal trainer and specifically Rachael has been amazing! I could have been in an awful mood all day and after a session, everything will have all been forgotten about. The encouragement, the support, the love, the genuine care that come from Rachel is crazy.